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Court lacked jurisdiction to issue support order (access required)

The State Corporation Commission correctly declared “that a pumped storage hydroelectric facility (or ‘pumped storage’) generates ‘renewable energy’ under the former definition in Code § 56-576, and that the amended definition (now excluding pumped storage from that definition) would not ...

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Injury claims based on smart meter emissions preempted (access required)

Where appellants claimed they were injured by exposure to radio frequency emissions from a smart meter that Virginia Electric and Power Co. installed on their home, federal conflict preemption bars the claims. The Federal Communications Commission governs RF emissions. Appellants’ ...

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Medical evidence excluded in fatal tractor-trailer crash (access required)

Where the parties disputed who was driving a tractor-trailer that left the road and crashed, killing both occupants, the trial court correctly excluded experts’ identity evidence and certain medical evidence about one of the occupants. The court also correctly refused ...

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Petition properly denied without evidentiary hearing (access required)

Where petitioner expressed satisfaction with counsel’s performance, pleaded “not guilty” and was convicted of marijuana and weapons offenses, the circuit court properly denied his habeas corpus petition based on ineffective assistance of counsel without holding an evidentiary hearing. Before trial ...

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Conversion, fraudulent transfer rulings vs. appellants vacated (access required)

Where a landlord obtained judgments for unpaid rent and sued the tenants and others for fraudulent and voluntary conveyances, the trial court’s rulings that defendants were jointly and severally liable for the unpaid rent, attorneys’ fees and sanctions are vacated. ...

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