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SCV: Mold statute doesn’t foreclose common law claims (access required)

Tenants alleging black mold in their walls and mushrooms growing in their carpet weren’t confined to the rights in Code § 8.01-226.12 Background Tenants sued their landlord and a real estate management company, alleging that the apartment they rented exposed them ...

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SCV: Malicious wounding intent shown by violent act itself (access required)

A defendant’s intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or kill could be inferred solely from the act of pistol-whipping his victim before stealing the victim’s money. Background On March 4, 2014, Otis White Jr. went to visit Appellee Marquez Perkins’s mother, ...

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SCV: “Infinity” value made formula unenforceable (access required)

A property sales agreement, which set forth a mathematical formula for apportioning increases to local development-density rights between the property owners, was rendered impossible to calculate when the county removed the density limit entirely. Background In 2000, Appellant WG Land ...

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SCV: Double jeopardy bars double firearm convictions (access required)

The court of appeals correctly held that convictions for both common-law and statutory involuntary manslaughter under Code § 18.2-154 amounted to unconstitutional double convictions for the same offense. Background A jury convicted Appellee Carroll Gregg of both common law involuntary ...

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