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Developer can’t blame easement holder for failed deal (access required)

Although a real estate developer’s agreement to purchase property for residential development fell through because of a pipeline easement held by a gas transmission company, the developer failed to allege claims for inverse condemnation, unlawful taking, breach of contract and ...

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Suicide survivor’s suit against medical personnel dismissed (access required)

Where a woman sued medical personnel who treated her after a suicide attempt seeking to enjoin future treatment, her claim for injunctive relief was speculative and the University of Virginia Medical Center was granted judgment. Her claim, which came one ...

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Sprint customer contract found ambiguous (access required)

Where Sprint argued that Wireless Buybacks, by purchasing phones from Sprint’s customers for resale, tortiously interfered with contracts between Sprint and its customers, the contracts were found to be ambiguous on whether the practice was forbidden. Background Besides providing cellular ...

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Life insurer faces claims for alleged fraudulent conduct (access required)

Where policyholders alleged their life insurer provided only “half-truths” in order to persuade the plaintiffs to keep their policies, when they would not have done so otherwise, the court denied the insurer’s motion to dismiss the fraud and unfair trade ...

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