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Moderator didn’t violate First Amendment rights (access required)

Where a professor moderating a microaggression panel allowed a student to speak for several minutes before moving on to another attendee’s question, her refusal to let him continue asking questions was not First Amendment retaliation. Background This memorandum opinion provides ...

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Disgruntled homeowner’s lawsuit dismissed (access required)

Where a disgruntled homeowner sued both federal and private defendants for claims relating to her home purchase, maintenance and foreclosure proceedings, but there was no subject matter jurisdiction over the federal defendants, and the claims against all defendants failed to ...

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University fails to dismiss ex-student’s defamation claims (access required)

Where a former student in the physician assistant studies program at Shenandoah University alleged that university officials made comments about his skills and critical decision making, and raised concerns about patient safety to other university employees that were untrue, he ...

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No anti-SLAPP fees where suit voluntarily dismissed (access required)

Where the plaintiff voluntarily dismissed his defamation suit before the defendant filed her motion to dismiss in federal court, the defendant wasn’t entitled to recover attorneys’ fees pursuant to the Virginia “anti-SLAPP” statute. The statute and caselaw make it clear ...

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Allegedly false statement wasn’t defamatory (access required)

Where the plaintiff asserted a claim for defamation based upon the defendants’ allegedly false statement that her house was scheduled for foreclosure, her defamation claim was dismissed because there were insufficient allegations the statement was defamatory under the law. Background ...

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