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Liberty University dodges disgruntled student’s suit

Where a former student alleged that his removal from Liberty University’s online Ph.D. program constituted racial discrimination, but his complaint did not contain any factual allegations plausibly suggesting he was discriminated against on the basis of race, his suit was ...

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Jury to decide if surgeon defamed other surgeon

Where one cardiothoracic surgeon allegedly stated that another cardiothoracic surgeon “misread” or “failed to recognize” the findings on the patient’s echocardiogram before beginning surgery, a jury will decide if the statements were false. Background A cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Barbara L. ...

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Damages limited in Title IX deliberate indifference suit

Where a former high-school student alleged that school administrators acted with deliberate indifference in responding to reports that she had been sexually harassed by another student, she was precluded from seeking emotional distress damages, alleged expenses for medical or psychological ...

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