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Company did not have common law duty to protect customers from hacking (access required)

Where defendants claimed that a hack of a third party’s email communication caused them to misdirect funds to the hacker instead of the plaintiff, the defendants could not assert a claim for equitable indemnification and contribution against the third-party because ...

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U.S. cannot claim sovereign immunity against torture claims (access required)

The United States cannot claim sovereign immunity against claims that Americans violated international law by subjecting plaintiffs to torture at the Abu Ghraib prison. While that ruling of first impression allowed a government contractor sued over its alleged involvement in ...

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Lender not entitled to immunity as ‘an arm of a tribe’ (access required)

An allegedly usurious lender could not avoid liability by claiming sovereign immunity as an arm of a tribe where the facts showed the tribe did not meaningfully benefit from the relationship and that the relationship instead appeared intended to benefit ...

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RICO claims against alleged usurious lenders stand (access required)

Plaintiffs plausibly alleged that certain lender defendants violated RICO as part of a scheme to charge usurious interest rates on short-term loans issued to individuals throughout the United States. Background Plaintiffs are four individuals who obtained loans from American Web ...

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