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Libel defendant enjoined from repeating defamatory statements (access required)

Although the Virginia Supreme Court and Fourth Circuit have never addressed whether a prevailing defamation plaintiff may obtain an injunction prohibiting a defendant from repeating defamatory speech, a man found to have made false and defamatory statements about the plaintiffs’ ...

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Woman, sexually assaulted at age 6, gets civil settlement from attacker — $1 million, plus $112,620 interest (access required)

The sexual assault occurred approximately 20 years ago when the victim, plaintiff Tori Nonaka, was 6 years old. She was staying overnight at the home of a woman who was a close friend of Nonaka’s mother. The woman’s husband, Lawrence ...

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No parental rights interference claim (access required)

The circuit court properly granted defendants’ demurrers to plaintiff’s claim against them for the tort of interference with parental rights. Further, plaintiff’s defamation claim against one defendant is dismissed because the complained-of statements are not actionable. Facts Michael Wilson and ...

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Commonwealth’s attorney not immune from defamation claim (access required)

A commonwealth’s attorney can be sued for defamation because the complained-of statements, his explanation of why he fired a long-time employee shortly after he took office, are not covered by absolute quasi-judicial immunity. Background Baker, the appellee in this case, ...

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Statements about competence were not mere puffery (access required)

Statements regarding defendant’s competence, ability to perform and serve as a “one-stop shop” for a roof repair project are factual representations because they were made with knowledge of the plaintiffs’ specific needs. These comments supported a claim for fraud in ...

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80-year-old assaulted — $350,000 settlement (access required)

This was a confidential survival case for personal injuries to an 80-year-old who was physically assaulted. Type of action: Negligence/Survival Claim Injuries alleged: Nasal fracture, facial lacerations Name of case: John Doe v. Roe Tried before: Mediation Date resolved: 05/05/2020 ...

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