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Trade secrets

Employee handing in resignation letter
Aug 2, 2021

The ‘Great Resignation’ and restrictions on noncompetes

The Great Resignation is coming. Unprecedented numbers of employees are expected to change jobs, and more than half of them will take confidential company information. Worse, 40 percent of them will use that information at their new job. Companies frequently protect their trade secrets from this type of exfiltration with narrowly tailored noncompetes that prevent […]

Dec 28, 2020

A claim of forgery: Judge wants check of authenticity of noncompete agreements

A federal judge has put on hold the usual motion to dismiss in a noncompete and trade secrets case to let the parties explore whether the alleged noncompete agreements were actually signed by the departed employees. Those employees – sales representatives now working for a new company – contend they never signed the proffered employment […]

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