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Pirate ship copyright dispute sails before Supreme Court (access required)

By Correy Stephenson BridgeTower Media Newswires A sunken pirate ship off the coast of North Carolina that triggered a copyright dispute with implications for state sovereign immunity will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. In 1996, the Queen Anne’s ...

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Virginia legislature lacks standing to challenge redistricting decision (access required)

After the Virginia Attorney General elected to not appeal a lower court decision holding certain redistricting violated the Equal Protection clause because it was based on race, members of Virginia’s House of Delegates took up the appeal. However, the court ...

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SCOTUS: Second trial didn’t violate Double Jeopardy, preclusion (access required)

A defendant who agrees to have the charges against him considered in two trials cannot later argue successfully that the second trial offends the Fifth Amendment. Background This case began when police dredged up a safe full of guns from ...

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SCOTUS: Warrantless vehicle searches limited within curtilage (access required)

The automobile exception to the Fourth Amendment does not permit a police officer, uninvited and without a warrant, to enter the curtilage of a home in order to search a vehicle parked therein. Background Albemarle Police Officer McCall saw the ...

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