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Va. Cir.: Fear of termination not good cause to resign (access required)

An employee with a felony record was not discharged when his employer announced that employees would be subject to background checks and let go if they were felons. Rather, he voluntarily terminated his own employment in anticipation of discharge and ...

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Benefits Claimant Presented No Evidence Mitigating Misconduct (access required)

The court denied Plaintiff Gifford Whitehurst’s petition for judicial review of a decision by the Virginia Unemployment Commission that he was disqualified from receiving unemployment compensation. Whitehurst worked at the Chrysler Museum as a security officer. The Museum’s HR manager ...

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Comp Denial Based on Phony Forgery Claim (access required)

The Virginia Employment Commission’s handling of a medical technologist’s proffers of proof that she did not falsify a doctor’s note, and denial of unemployment compensation based on her “misconduct,” are reversed as “arbitrary and capricious” by the Fairfax Circuit Court. ...

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