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Attorney restriction in settlement pact violates public policy (access required)

Although the plaintiff’s attorney agreed, as part of a settlement of a case under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to not bring further claims against Equifax Information Services LLC for 18 months, and Virginia’s ethics rule does not prohibit such ...

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No right for media to witness pre-execution steps (access required)

Although news organizations sought access to entire execution proceedings, the First Amendment does not support their argument that they must be allowed to witness the steps that precede an actual execution. Background The plaintiffs are news organizations that investigate and ...

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Bus company must run animal welfare watchdog’s ads (access required)

The Greater Richmond Transit Company engaged in unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination by rejecting an animal welfare watchdog’s advertisement on political grounds, while accepting other political advertisements. Background This First Amendment action arises out of the refusal of Greater Richmond Transit Company, ...

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Cox can’t avoid $1 billion verdict, but can attempt to reduce award (access required)

In a copyright infringement suit brought by members of the music industry against Cox Communications, the jury’s award of $99,830 for each of the infringing works was supported by the evidence and was not unconstitutional. However, Cox will have an ...

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Washington Post succeeds in transferring Nunes’ libel suit to DC (access required)

Despite efforts by U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes to keep his defamation and conspiracy suit against The Washington Post in the Eastern District of Virginia, the suit was transferred to the District of Columbia federal court. The article at issue was ...

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Church denied injunction pending appeal of COVID-19 restrictions (access required)

A church claiming the Virginia governor’s COVID-19 restrictions violate its freedom of religion was denied an injunction pending appeal because it failed to show it was likely to prevail on the merits. And as there is a related judicial proceeding ...

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