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No jurisdiction over “semi-interactive” website (access required)

Because nothing in the record indicated defendant’s website targeted Virginians or that defendant engaged in business or other activity with Virginia, the plaintiff failed to establish a case for personal jurisdiction. Background Defendant, Ed Foster, IV, a Florida resident, began ...

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Truck operator stated ADA claim (access required)

Because plaintiff was not required in an administrative process, and plausibly alleged he was a qualified individual with a disability, the court denied the employer’s motion to dismiss the ADA complaint. Background Defendant, Norfolk Southern Railway Co. employs Robert Brunelle ...

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Transit authority sued for refusing to run advertisements (access required)

A group that opposes the use of dogs in medical experiments alleged facts that support its claims the Greater Richmond Transit Authority violated its First and Fourteenth rights by rejecting its advertisements. Background Plaintiff White Coat describes itself as a ...

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Petitioner lacked authorization for successive habeas petition (access required)

Because petitioner failed to obtain the Fourth Circuit’s authorization to file a successive  habeas petition as required under the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, the court lacks jurisdiction and the claim must be dismissed. Background Plaintiff has ...

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Case lacking complete diversity remanded to state court (access required)

Because a homeowner and a mortgage company in a breach of fiduciary duty action are both citizens of Virginia, the federal court found no complete diversity between the parties and remanded the case to state court. Background Plaintiff alleges that ...

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