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Onerous provisions removed from FLSA settlement (access required)

Employees settled Fair Labor Standards Act claims regarding overtime pay after the court required removal of “unreasonable” provisions on confidentiality and liquidated damages. Background On July 14, 2015, plaintiff Wayne Brockman filed his initial complaint against defendants Keystone Newport News ...

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Plaintiff must pay defendants’ fees and costs (access required)

A plaintiff was liable for the defendants’ fees and costs because the plaintiff’s claims lacked merit and its conduct was unreasonable. Background On Dec. 20, 2016, Valador filed a second amended complaint against defendants HTC Corporation, HTC America, Inc. and ...

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Claim against Virginia-based defendant defeats diversity (access required)

Where homeowners sued a mortgage company and included a claim against the Virginia-based foreclosure company that foreclosed on their property, the case is remanded back to state court for a lack of complete diversity. Background Plaintiff alleges that he and ...

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Default judgment entered against employer for unpaid pension contributions (access required)

An employer who failed to make pension contributions or to respond to pension funds’ lawsuit must repay the funds with interest and pick up attorney’s and auditing fees. Background This action is brought under Sections 502 and 515 of the ...

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Challenge to jury’s trade secret verdict fails (access required)

Despite the fact the jury found that only eight of 67 alleged trade secrets were actually trade secrets, and only seven had been misappropriated, its resulting damages award was supported by the record. Background Steves is an independent manufacturer of ...

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