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Four class actions transferred to New Jersey federal court (access required)

Four franchisees alleging a national tax preparation company violated the Sherman Act by including certain no-hiring and no-solicitation clauses in standard franchise agreements will have to pursue their cases in a New Jersey federal court after a court held venue ...

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Virginia is proper venue for copyright dispute (access required)

A copyright dispute over competing weight-loss books will be heard in Virginia, instead of Tennessee, because the suit was properly filed in Virginia by the Virginia-based plaintiff, and because the interests of justice did not substantially favor moving the case ...

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New York ad agency lack contacts with Virginia (access required)

A Virginia-based company cannot sue its New York-based advertising agency in Virginia because the agency did not have sufficient contacts with Virginia to be subject to personal jurisdiction here. Background New Venture Holdings LLC is a Virginia corporation and operates ...

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Pipeline company awarded easements in default (access required)

Where a pipeline company was unable to obtain necessary easements through an agreement with the affected landowners, and the affected landowners failed to respond to the company’s complaint in condemnation, the company was entitled to take possession of the easements ...

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No arbitration for ‘rent-a-tribe’ lending contracts (access required)

Where plaintiffs entered into loan agreements with interest rates that far exceeded those allowed under Virginia’s usury laws, they were not compelled to arbitrate their claims as required under the contract because the arbitration clause’s attempt to disavow federal and ...

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Investigation revealed color discrimination claim (access required)

An employee’s claim of discrimination on the basis of color was allowed to proceed because it was reasonably related to the race discrimination charge she had brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the investigation of that charge put ...

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