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Space Tourist’s Fraud and Breach Claims Survive Dismissal (access required)

Plaintiff Harald McPike, a wealthy adventurer seeking to become a space tourist, can proceed on claims of fraud and breach of contract against Defendant Zero-Gravity Holdings Inc., f/k/a Space Adventures, Ltd. In 2013, Space Adventures contracted to provide a circumlunar ...

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Latex-Allergy Discrimination Claim Presents a Triable Issue (access required)

Plaintiff Delcie Farmer, a medical employee with a severe latex allergy, may proceed to trial on claims that Defendant HCA Health Services of Virginia subjected her to illegal discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Farmer had been employed ...

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Dueling Experts Don’t Satisfy Preponderance Standard (access required)

At a bench trial of a medical-malpractice claim, Plaintiff Eugene Gadson failed to prove his doctors’ negligence by a preponderance of the evidence because the parties’ respective experts offered diametrically-opposed testimony as to the appropriate standard of care. Three days ...

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Sierra Club Awarded Partial Fees, Costs for Limited Coal-Ash Victory (access required)

On Plaintiff Sierra Club’s motion to recover fees and costs as the prevailing party, the court granted attorney fees of $457,718 and expert fees of $102,000, as well as certain litigation costs. Sierra Club had sued Virginia Electric & Power ...

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Asylum Application – Untimely – Changed Circumstances (access required)

Even though the Honduran petitioner failed to seek asylum within one year of arriving in the U.S., since his arrest by immigration authorities led to more violence against his family and threats against his associates in more Honduran cities, petitioner ...

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