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PPE complaints were not reason PA was fired (access required)

Where there was ample evidence that a physician assistant was terminated because of multiple complaints about his behavior from several individuals, and not because of his complaints about the lack of personal protective equipment, his employers prevailed on the retaliation ...

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Miller Act payment dispute must be arbitrated (access required)

Where the subcontract stated that “claims included in subparagraphs (A) or (B), above, shall be arbitrated,” it required arbitration of the covered claims. Although another provision states, “If arbitration is the forum agreed by all parties, it shall be conducted ...

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Class certified in COVID-19 ‘all risk’ coverage dispute (access required)

Where a class of Virginia policyholders who were denied coverage for losses from businesses closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic had common and typical issues, were sufficiently numerous, and there was no conflict with the named plaintiff, a class was ...

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Carriers did not tortiously interfere with repair shops (access required)

Where automobile repair shops alleged that insurance carriers steered customers away from their businesses because they refused to comply with certain terms, because they failed to show a business expectancy that was lost or that carriers used improper methods, their ...

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