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School board did not retaliate against employee (access required)

A Fairfax County school employee failed to plausibly allege facts showing the school board or school officials retaliated against her for filing a prior employment lawsuit. Background Kathleen Munive alleges that defendants violated 42 U.S.C. § 1983 by retaliating against ...

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Employee fired five months after protected activity can’t sue (access required)

Where an employee had received negative performance reviews for five years before her termination, and her termination occurred at least five months after she engaged in any protected activity, she could not pursue claims of retaliation against her employer. Background ...

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Resignation precludes discrimination claims (access required)

An employee’s resignation prior to her reassignment made it impossible to evaluate whether the reassignment could be considered an adverse employment action, and because the resignation was not the result of intolerable working conditions such that it could be deemed ...

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Termination after injury had valid disability discrimination claim (access required)

Where a physical therapist was unable to perform certain job duties after being injured on the job and was terminated shortly after asking her employer for a reasonable accommodation that would have enabled her to perform all essential functions of ...

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P.I. claimant could not sue shipowner in state court (access required)

Where a ship worker brought personal injury claims against the shipowner and the owner of the shipyard in state court, and the owner of the shipyard asserted a contribution and indemnification claim against the shipowner, the shipowner was entitled to ...

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‘Gimmick’ with money order didn’t satisfy mortgage (access required)

Where a mortgagee had an undisputed outstanding principal balance of $60,000, his tender of a $890 money order with the words “tendered as full satisfaction of the claim” inscribed in tiny, nearly indecipherable handwriting at the bottom and the mortgage ...

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