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Despite exemplary record, inmate’s motion to vacate denied (access required)

Although an inmate had an exemplary record during his 22 years in prison, the court denied his motion to vacate his conviction because the government opposed it. Background On March 5, 1997, after a week-long jury trial, Marty Lorenzo Wright ...

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Age, circumstances of victims admissible in fraud case (access required)

In a case where the defendant is alleged to have defrauded elderly victims, the age and financial circumstances were admissible at trial to support the government’s theory that the scheme targeted unsophisticated investors. Background Raeann Gibson is charged with multiple ...

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Judgment granted as sanction for discovery misconduct (access required)

Plaintiff was granted judgment on liability on a number of consumer claims as a sanction for defendant auto dealer’s misconduct during discovery, and he is entitled to more than $164,000 in damages. Background In this civil action, plaintiff brings a ...

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Wife played no role in money laundering, verdicts overturned (access required)

Where the evidence was insufficient for the jury to find that a wife knew funds were proceeds from unlawful activity, the money laundering and conspiracy convictions against her cannot be sustained. Background Micro-Enterprise Management Group was created purportedly for the ...

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Failure to exhaust remedies prompts dismissal (access required)

Where a plaintiff  failed to exhaust his administrative remedies, to timely file his complaint and to properly plead claims, his complaint is dismissed. Background Plaintiff is a 46-year old African-American man who suffers from osteoporosis in his hips and sleep apnea. ...

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Management company for HOA not a “debt collector” (access required)

While a management company mailed delinquency notices for a homeowners’ association, its debt-collection activity was incidental to its obligations, and is thus exempted as a debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Background Plaintiff Robert Yergovich owns and ...

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