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Prison officials sued for not stopping guard dog attacks (access required)

Where a detainee alleged that he suffered severe physical and psychological injuries when he was attacked by a guard’s dog, and further alleged that supervisory officials were aware of patrol dog attacks throughout Virginia but did nothing to stop them, ...

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Difference of opinion no basis for vacating award (access required)

Where the court might have ruled differently on the parties’ dispute, the arbitrator acknowledged the applicable legal principles and applied at least some of the facts to those principles, therefore the manifest injustice standard was satisfied and the award was ...

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Privacy Act not violated, disclosure required by FOIA (access required)

Where a government employee alleged the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice violated the Privacy Act by disclosing the results of an internal investigation into his conduct, but the disclosure was made in a Freedom of Information Act ...

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$45M settlement in alleged price fixing suit approved (access required)

Where a $45 million settlement between runner peanut farmers and one sheller satisfied the requirements of Rule 23, it was approved. Background Plaintiffs are a group of peanut farmers who sell raw, harvested runner peanuts to the defendants (also known ...

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