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$4.5 million judgment entered for RICO violations (access required)

Although the defendants argued they weren’t liable for alleged violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, because the government failed to prosecute them for defrauding plaintiffs and didn’t order restitution in a related criminal matter, that ...

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Claim: school protected student who stole trade secrets (access required)

Where a professor alleged that the Eastern Virginia Medical School allowed a student to publish the professor’s trade secrets as a poster for a scientific meeting and assisted or allowed the student to file for patent protection, she plausibly alleged ...

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Search supported by reasonable suspicion (access required)

Where a trooper’s search of a rental car was supported by individualized reasonable articulable suspicion, including the vehicle’s quick in-and-out of Arizona based on the license plate reader system and the co-defendant’s responses to questions, the defendant’s motion to suppress ...

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