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Jury to decide if sheriffs liable for excessive force and battery (access required)

Where a video showed deputy sheriffs removing the plaintiff from a vehicle with such force that he was carried outside of camera range, and there was a dispute over what caused subsequent injuries suffered by the plaintiff, a jury will ...

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Statute survives: Parents lack standing to challenge grandparent visitation law (access required)

Grandparent and grandson playing with soccer ball

A federal judge has ruled that the parents of a minor child did not have standing to sue over the state’s grandparent visitation statute, as they failed to allege that they would imminently suffer a concrete injury. The case arose ...

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Research assistant’s retaliation claims dismissed (access required)

Where a graduate research assistant alleged that the University of Virginia retaliated against him after he complained about his advisor’s conduct, but there was almost one year between his complaint and the next alleged adverse action, and it was nearly ...

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False Claims Act suit against Walgreens dismissed (access required)

Where the federal government and Virginia alleged that Walgreens violated the False Claims Act and state laws when it falsified documents to obtain reimbursements for hepatitis C medications that would otherwise be denied by Virginia, but Virginia Medicaid’s requirements were ...

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Jury to decide if company was responsible for accident (access required)

Where a driver alleged a road repaving company was responsible for his auto accident, and the parties disputed where the accident occurred and whether the driver switched lanes despite a posted “stay in lane” sign, the company’s motion for summary ...

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University not entitled to ministerial exception (access required)

Where a Liberty University art professor alleged her contract was not renewed because of her age, the university is not protected by the ministerial exception. The professor’s title, functions and how she held herself out all supported a conclusion that ...

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Parents lack standing to challenge visitation law (access required)

Where two grandparents seeking visitation with a minor grandchild intended to rely on a statute passed by the Virginia General Assembly providing rights for grandparents in their situation, the child’s parents failed to allege they have or will imminently suffer ...

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