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WDVA: Bankruptcy firm’s revoked practice privileges affirmed (access required)

After an initial stay pending appeal, the district court reinstated the revocation of privileges for UpRight Law LLC and related entities to practice before the bankruptcy court. Revocation was based on the defendants’ unethical business practices that preyed on bankruptcy ...

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Bitter on Twitter (access required)

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The Roanoke Times is asking a judge to force former Times sports reporter Andy Bitter to give up his use of a Twitter account. The owner of the paper has sued in Roanoke federal court claiming it is the rightful ...

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WDVA: Trade-secrets claim against competitor goes forward (access required)

In arranging a site visit from a competitor, a cooking-oil refinery’s attempt to safeguard its technology via prior agreement was only partially successful. Though largely unenforceable, the agreement demonstrated the plaintiff’s desire and reasonable efforts to maintain its technology as ...

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WDVA: Servers state wage claim for “side work” time (access required)

Tipped employees at Macado’s stated a claim for unpaid wages related to untipped “side work” they were required to do. Rather than alleging a specific amount of time they spent on side tasks, it was sufficient to allege they spent ...

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WDVA: Pipeline construction run-off doesn’t merit injunction (access required)

Rain-induced sediment flows that have overcome Mountain Valley Pipeline’s erosion controls might not recur in the future, especially in light of heightened oversight by state and federal agencies. Therefore, preliminary injunctive relief is not appropriate. Background The Plaintiffs are landowners ...

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WDVA: Court strikes “faux counterclaims” against non-parties (access required)

In trade-secret litigation concerning a disputed international patent for a sugar substitute, a defendant’s attempt to “join” related counter-defendants was procedurally improper under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 13(h). Background Sugar tastes good. But it’s unhealthy. So companies and scientists ...

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WDVA: Buffet worker’s theft accusations could be defamatory (access required)

A woman and her mother sufficiently alleged defamation by a Golden Corral server, who publicly accused them of hiding food in their purses. But the court dismissed their claim for contract interference on account of their race and also struck ...

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WDVA: Exhibits filed publicly won’t be sealed (access required)

A detective seeking to clear his name in connection with several criminal cases presented no countervailing interest to the public right of access to exhibits he had attached to an earlier public filing. The exhibits contained his personal employment records, ...

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