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Direct evidence of age bias was insufficient (access required)

Although the plaintiff presented direct evidence of age discrimination – a statement by a member of the interview committee that another candidate received the job because he was younger and more energetic – the employer nevertheless prevailed on summary judgment ...

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Supervisor’s acts didn’t create hostile environment (access required)

Where the former Virginia Tech employee’s hostile work environment claim ultimately relied on a single instance where her male supervisor “pinched and played with his nipple in a suggestive manner” during a meeting, the alleged incident was not sufficiently severe ...

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School district can’t dismiss ‘failure to train’ claim (access required)

Where the plaintiff’s critical comments were removed from the Frederick County School Board’s Facebook page and one employee allegedly said he removed them because they violated FCSB’s terms and conditions, the plaintiff pleaded a viable failure-to-train claim. Background On Feb. ...

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Reference to mediation in filing not sanctionable (access required)

Although the defendant made statements about mediation proceedings in a public filing opposing the plaintiff’s motion for leave to file another amended complaint, because the statements were broad, sufficiently general and referred to information already ascertainable from the public docket, ...

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