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Ex-UVA student gets evidentiary hearing in habeas appeal (access required)

A former University of Virginia lacrosse player convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend in 2012 was granted an evidentiary hearing on whether the jury was improperly given a dictionary during deliberations to resolve confusion over the meaning of “malice.” Although the ...

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Puerto Rican status supports race, national origin claims (access required)

Because the line between national origin and ethnicity is “not a bright one,” allegations that a carpenter was discriminated against because he is Latino and Puerto Rican were sufficient to support both his race and national origin discrimination claims. Background ...

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In camera review doesn’t back deliberate process claim (access required)

Although the Council on Environmental Quality, or CEQ, claimed the production of dozens of unredacted documents would chill speech, stifle “frank and open discussions” and confuse the public, an in camera review did not support these assertions. Background Southern Environmental ...

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Appealing party can’t avoid superseas bond requirement (access required)

A defendant attempting to challenge a significant damages award failed to escape a requirement that it post a supersedeas bond. The defendant could not demonstrate it would be irreparably harmed by posting the bond, the plaintiff would be prejudiced without ...

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Evidentiary hearing scheduled over alleged forged documents (access required)

Where the defendants presented “credible evidence” that alleged employment agreements on which plaintiffs based their claims of breach and conspiracy to steal trade secrets were forgeries, an evidentiary hearing will be held to determine if a fraud was perpetrated upon ...

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Plaintiffs may amend complaint to name correct corporate entity (access required)

Where the plaintiffs seeking coverage for the fire damage to their home failed to name the correct defendant within the time required, because the proper entity within the corporate family had notice of the suit and would not suffer prejudice, ...

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