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Bias allegations related to ‘quid pro quo’ claim (access required)

Where a former public service employee’s discrimination claim did not expressly allege “quid pro quo” harassment, but it did allege that her supervisor demanded she endure his harassment in exchange for continued employment, and reassigned her because she refused, those ...

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Fourth Circuit precedent forecloses attorneys’ fees claim (access required)

Where the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals previously held that a plaintiff who won a preliminary injunction that was not reversed or modified, but whose case was later dismissed as moot, is not a “prevailing party” entitled to attorneys’ ...

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Supervisor’s hugs, touching not assault and battery (access required)

Where an assistant store manager allegedly hugged or touched an employee 10 times over a three-month period, and kissed her when she returned to work after surgery, he lacked the intent required for assault and his conduct did not amount ...

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