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License suspension for failure to pay fines stopped (access required)

Plaintiffs who challenged the constitutionality of a Virginia law that requires the automatic suspension of drivers’ licenses for failure to pay state court fines and costs won a preliminary injunction, as they demonstrated there were insufficient procedures in the law ...

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Owner of LLC faces liability for alleged infringement (access required)

The court held the complaint stated a plausible claim for individual liability against the sole owner of an LLC because it alleged, “upon information and belief” that she engaged in conduct sufficient to impose liability. Background Plaintiff is a photographer ...

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Interpleader plaintiff gets less than one third of request (access required)

Although the interpleader plaintiff was entitled to recover its fees and costs, the court significantly reduced the requested hourly rate and number of requested hours. Background Pinnacle Bank froze the bank accounts of several affiliated companies because of IRS levies. ...

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Employer not liable for publicizing employment details (access required)

A former state employee’s claim that her employer publicized issues about her insubordination, attendance and incompetence was insufficient to state a claim under § 1983 because these statements all related to plaintiff’s job performance, which does not rise to the ...

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Two hour interview did not require Miranda warnings (access required)

Although law enforcement interviewed the defendant for two hours in his mother’s living room about his possible involvement in child pornography, the officers were not required to give him Miranda warnings because he was not subjected to restraints of the ...

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Doctor may testify as treating physician, but not expert (access required)

The plaintiffs’ failure to provide an expert report meant their physician would be limited to testifying as to his treatment of the plaintiffs and the opinions reflected in his records, and not about possible future complications or treatments. Background Plaintiffs ...

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