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Tag Archives: Virginia Circuit Courts

Commissioner of accounts properly conducted hearing (access required)

The commissioner of accounts properly held a hearing regarding a conservator’s accounting of the decedent’s estate, even though the information prompting the hearing came from a disinterested party. Background Kishna Minor was appointed conservator of Eric Witt Wilder, her incapacitated ...

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Court issues pre-trial evidentiary orders (access required)

Where the parties contested the admissibility of testimony and argument relating to third-party guilt, the court issued its rulings after considering the parties’ arguments and briefs, as well as additional caselaw and statutory authority. Opening argument Defendant cannot delay his ...

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Sudden medical emergency defense presented in car, bus accident — Defense verdict (access required)

Type of action: Auto accident involving car and bus Injuries alleged: Soft tissue injuries to neck, back and hip; claimed partial rotator cuff tear requiring surgery Name of case: Argichew v. Wilee Court: Fairfax County Circuit Court Case no.: CL-2019-6925 ...

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Cook suffered soft tissue injuries after rear-end crash at stoplight — $150,000 verdict (access required)

Type of action: Personal injury; auto accident Injuries alleged: Ureteral tear, nephrectomy Name of case: Jones v. Stroble Court: Richmond Circuit Court Case no.: Cl20-4130 Tried before: Jury Name of judge: Judge Jacqueline S. McClenney Date resolved: 1/20/2022 Special damages: ...

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Change to summary judgment procedures discussed (access required)

The General Assembly’s 2019 expansion of summary judgment procedures to allow certain business litigants to use affidavits and depositions to support summary judgment motions does not require opposing parties to file responsive affidavits or contrary deposition testimony to support a ...

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Court rejects offer to buy structured settlement payments (access required)

Structured settlement payments

A Virginia circuit court has denied a petition filed by a factoring company seeking to purchase structured settlement payments from a woman with neurocognitive impairments. The present value of the payments is $140, 738. The proposed purchase price? A mere ...

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Additional evidence unneccessary to extend woman’s protective order (access required)

A circuit court has examined the legislative history of Virginia’s protective order statute and concluded that new or additional evidence is not required for an extension. Floyd County Circuit Court Judge K. Mike Fleenor Jr., found that “requiring Petitioner to ...

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Expert excluded in dead body case (access required)

The court will grant the prosecution’s motion in limine to exclude opinion testimony from defendant’s expert because it is speculative and therefore is inadmissible. Overview “[T]he alleged facts include [defendant] Shaw having cleaned the body with bleach, cleaned the decedent’s ...

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