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Tag Archives: Virginia Circuit Courts

Defense verdict reached in case stemming from 2015 auto accident — Defense verdict (access required)

Type of action: Auto accident Injuries alleged: Complex regional pain syndrome, post-traumatic cervical facet arthritis Name of case: Simpson v. Flores Court: Prince William County Circuit Court Case no.: CL 17-4006 Tried before: Jury Name of judge or mediator: Judge ...

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Man injured after tripping over crates at convenience store — $100,000 settlement (access required)

Type of action: Personal injury, slip and fall Injuries alleged: Ruptured bursa in elbow, contusions, sprains and strains of forearm and legs Court: Alexandria Circuit Court Date resolved: 9/30/2021 Special damages: $29,000 in medical expenses Verdict or settlement: Settlement Amount: ...

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Motorist suffered TBI after driver crashed into back of car — $1M settlement (access required)

Type of action: Personal injury Injuries alleged: Traumatic brain injury, headaches, memory loss, back pain, PTSD and anxiety Name of case: Bridgeforth v. Brasncome Development Company Court: Williamsburg/James City County Circuit Court Case no.: CL18001370-00 Date resolved: 10/14/2021 Special damages: ...

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Joinder motion granted in attempted murder case (access required)

Where five defendants are charged with multiple crimes arising from their alleged attack on the victim, the commonwealth’s motion for joinder is granted. The commonwealth has shown good cause, defendants have not shown they will be prejudiced, the court can ...

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Amended traffic statutes are not retroactive (access required)

Where police stopped defendant for a defective tail light before statutory amendments prohibiting such stops became effective, a motion to exclude evidence based on retroactive application of the amendments is denied. Background “The Defense argues, and the Commonwealth concedes, that ...

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Condo sale before testator’s death adeemed legacies (access required)

Where the bequests to certain beneficiaries were to be funded from the sale of the testator’s condominium, the sale of the condominium before the testator’s death adeemed the bequests. The Commissioner of Accounts erred by concluding otherwise. Her recommendation that ...

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Challenge to COVID-19 treatment guidelines rejected (access required)

Although a doctor has third-party standing to bring an informed consent claim on behalf of his patients, he lacks standing to bring a claim under the Virginia Health Care Decisions Act. He is not entitled to a temporary injunction because ...

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At the breaking point: Prince William County seeks additional circuit judgeship (access required)

Frayed rope about to break

With a dozen legislators of both parties on board, a request to add a seventh judge to the circuit bench in fast-growing Prince William County seems likely to prevail at the 2022 General Assembly. The request, which is supported by ...

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