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Sufficient evidence to support larceny conviction (access required)

There was sufficient evidence that appellant intended to permanently deprive her boyfriend’s mother of jewelry when she took it from the home and pawned it. Appellant’s inconsistent explanations about the circumstances under which the jewelry was pawned negates the countervailing ...

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Evidence was admissible under plain view doctrine (access required)

Where the police had a valid warrant to search appellant’s electronic devices for evidence of drug crimes, the trial court incorrectly suppressed evidence of unrelated crimes discovered during the search. The unrelated evidence was admissible under the plain view doctrine. ...

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Suspended sentence’s period started after prison release (access required)

Where the trial court suspended a portion of appellant’s sentences, “the period of suspension of the suspended sentences” began to run upon his release from prison and not, as he argues, upon the court’s pronouncement of the suspended sentence. As ...

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