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Top Op Digest: Emotional manipulation forfeited right to confrontation (access required)

By repeatedly violating a no-contact order to guilt his partner into refusing to testify against him, a domestic-abuse defendant forfeited his Sixth Amendment right to exclude her testimonial hearsay statements to law enforcement. Background Appellant Kevin Cody and Rebekka Weingarten ...

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CAV: Evidence proved possession of “orphan” computer files (access required)

The Commonwealth’s evidence was sufficient to prove that the defendant “possessed” files containing images of child pornography, even if the images were “orphan” remnants of deletion from the computer’s file directory. Background In 2015, Detective Mark Belew was investigating computer ...

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CAV: “Breaking” proven by accomplice opening door (access required)

The Commonwealth offered sufficient evidence to prove that the defendant broke into the victim’s house, offering testimony that the defendant recruited an accomplice to inveigle her way into the house and unlock the door. Background In the afternoon of August ...

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CAV: No evidence that seeing needle caused EMT to faint (access required)

The Commission erred in concluding that an EMT, who had previously felt light-headed but never fainted when seeing large needle injections, showed that his loss of consciousness was caused by observing a spinal injection. Background On July 1, 2016, Appellee ...

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CAV: Retirement balance properly assessed at separation (access required)

Although a retirement account partially containing marital property had a balance of zero by the time of the equitable distribution hearing, the circuit court properly applied the relevant statute in considering the account balance at the time the parties separated. ...

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CAV: Father wrongly excluded from adoption proceedings (access required)

Denying an incarcerated father’s request for transportation to his child’s adoption hearing, without offering him an alternative means to participate, was an abuse of the trial court’s discretion. Background On June 20, 2016, Appellee Shawn B. Foster, joined by his ...

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