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One-year limit for pharmacy’s reimbursement claim (access required)

Under the workers’ compensation act, appellant pharmacy is a health care provider and is bound by a one-year limitations period in which to seek reimbursement for prescriptions dispensed to a workers’ compensation claimant. Overview Dove injured her shoulder in a ...

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Children’s best interests considered in visitation order (access required)

Where the JDR court’s visitation ruling specified only “reasonable visitation” for father, the circuit court properly imposed a specific visitation schedule. The court had the authority to do so despite striking father’s evidence concerning changed circumstances. Further, despite mother’s contrary ...

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Suppression ruling reversed based on good faith exception (access required)

The trial court incorrectly suppressed evidence seized from appellant’s home during the execution of a search warrant because, after finding the warrant deficient, the court should have admitted the evidence under the good faith exception to the exclusionary rule. Overview ...

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Math teacher’s vision issues precluded return to work (access required)

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly rejected a school district’s argument that a math teacher could return to work despite vision issues arising from her fall in a school parking lot. Overview Claimant suffered a concussion when she fell. She ...

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