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Appeal improperly dismissed as sanction for order violation (access required)

Where a father disclosed a sealed report to the children’s stepmother concerning a court-ordered independent psychological evaluation, the court erred by dismissing his de novo appeal of the J&RD court’s custody award to mother. Dismissal was an “unduly severe sanction” ...

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Sufficient evidence supports malicious wounding conviction (access required)

The commonwealth presented sufficient evidence to convict appellant of malicious wounding despite his arguments that the victim’s trial testimony was “inherently incredible.” Appellant’s malicious wounding conviction is affirmed. Overview Fisher, the shooting victim, identified appellant, Tucker and Rives as the ...

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Conviction for impersonating a police officer affirmed (access required)

The police paraphernalia and equipment discovered in appellant’s Crown Victoria police interceptor model after he was seized was properly admitted at his trial for impersonating a police officer. The evidence was relevant to his intent. His conviction is affirmed. Overview ...

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Treating doctor’s ‘return to work’ opinion rejected (access required)

Where claimant’s employer required her to see a treating physician, who declared she was fit for work after suffering an employment-related injury, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly gave greater weight to a treating physician of her own choosing, who ...

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