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Employer fined $25K for failure to maintain comp insurance (access required)

Although an employer objected that a $25,000 fine was “burdensome, excessive and in violation of public policy,” the record showed the employer failed to maintain required workers’ compensation insurance and the fine was affirmed. Background Employer owns and operates a ...

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Evidence of possible robbery prep won’t support convictions (access required)

Evidence that showed only possible preparation for a robbery and not that a planned robbery was imminent is insufficient to sustain a conviction for attempted robbery and the related conviction for use of firearm. Background At about 5:45 a.m. on ...

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Closing costs from house sale not defined as joint debt (access required)

Where the parties’ agreements did not designate how closing costs from the sale of marital assets should be treated, the court did not err in allocating closing costs. Background Prior to marriage, the parties entered into a premarital agreement. Among ...

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