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Evidence from cell phone search properly admitted (access required)

The trial court properly denied a motion to suppress evidence obtained from a warrantless search of appellant’s cell phone. The court correctly determined he abandoned the device at a restaurant. His plea-based convictions of attempted malicious wounding and several firearm ...

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VSB rates 45 for 7 appeals court seats (access required)


A Virginia State Bar committee has reported recommendations to the General Assembly for 45 candidates for seven vacancies on the Virginia Court of Appeals. The VSB’s Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee, or JCEC, rated candidates as “qualified” or “highly qualified” for ...

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Reasonable notice required for attorney’s fee claim (access required)

The Workers’ Compensation Appellate Commission correctly interpreted its rules to require reasonable notice when requesting attorney’s fees from a health care provider. Although the relevant statute does not have a time requirement for filing a claim for attorney’s fees, the ...

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Husband entitled to credit for support overpayments (access required)

Where the J&DR court reduced husband’s spousal support obligation but did not reference any overages or set a repayment schedule until after a hearing conducted several months later, the circuit court correctly ruled that husband’s motion for overage payments “was ...

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Amended spousal support statute applies retroactively (access required)

Where the parties’ agreement regarding the non-modifiable amount and duration of husband’s spousal support payments to wife did not exactly conform with language required by a July 1, 2018, amendment to the applicable statute, a later amendment that permitted more ...

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