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Record supports denial of bond (access required)

Even though the circuit court did not articulate its reasons for denying appellant bond in this juvenile matter, the ruling is affirmed based on our required review of the record. Prior proceedings Appellant Barnes was arrested when he was a ...

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Court had subject matter jurisdiction over driving offenses (access required)

Where appellant argues the circuit court “‘lacked subject matter jurisdiction’ when it tried him without a jury[,]” even assuming the court erred by conducting a nonjury trial, it did not conduct “a proceeding for which it ‘lacked subject matter jurisdiction.’” ...

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Recalculation of money owed under amended PSA approved (access required)

Where this case was remanded to recalculate money due to appellant under an amended property settlement agreement, appellant’s failure to initially appeal the expert’s methodology made that methodology the law of the case. Appellant’s argument that the trial court must ...

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No double jeopardy violation in child pornography case (access required)

Appellant’s convictions and sentences for production of child pornography and possession of child pornography do not violate double jeopardy principles. Possession of child pornography is not a lesser-included offense of production of child pornography. Background Appellant was 17 years old ...

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Emergency aid exception justified entry without warrant (access required)

Where police had an objectively reasonable basis to believe appellant was attempting suicide, their entry without a warrant into his apartment was justified under the Fourth Amendment’s emergency aid exception, as was a “cursory sweep” of the apartment, which revealed ...

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