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Constitutional – Procedural Due Process – Revocation of Suspended Sentence (access required)

Washington v. Commonwealth (VLW No. 017-7-274, 12 pp.) (Decker, J.) Appealed from Hampton Circuit Court (Taylor, J.) Va. App. Unpub. Holding:  Following defendant’s arrest for violating his probation by using drugs, the drug treatment court held a hearing terminating him ...

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Statutory Construction – Firearms – Felony Predicate (access required)

Cartagena v. Commonwealth (VLW No. 017-7-282, 12 pp.) (Russell, J.) Appealed from Virginia Beach Circuit Court (Padrick, J) Va. App. Pub. Holding:  Defendant was convicted of falsifying a firearm consent form, attempted possession of a firearm by a felon, and ...

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Financial Exploitation – Credit Card Fraud – Evidence (access required)

White v. Commonwealth (VLW No. 017-7-288, 11 pp.) (Decker, J.) Appealed from Richmond Circuit Court (Hughes, J.) Va. App. Pub. Holding: Defendant-home care aide appeals convictions for financial exploitation of a mentally incapacitated person and credit card fraud, in violation ...

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Motor Vehicles – Suspension of Driving Privileges – Fisherman Exemption (access required)

Grasty v. Commonwealth (VLW No. 017-7-289, 8 pp.) (Humphreys, J.) Appealed from Newport News Circuit Court (Sugg, J.) Va. App. Pub. Holding:  Appellant driver was convicted of a third or subsequent offense of driving on a suspended or revoked license ...

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Constitutional – Custody and Visitation – Fair Trial (access required)

Higgins v. Pearce (VLW No. 017-7-284, 11 pp.) (Alston, J) Appealed from Henrico County Circuit Court (Harris, J.) Va. App. Unpub. Holding:  Appellant parent challenges the trial court’s award of custody and visitation, contending that the court committed constitutional and ...

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