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Tag Archives: Wage & Hour

After state nonsuit, plaintiff states federal wage claim

A contract employee plausibly stated claims for FLSA violations and breach of contract based on allegations that his employer withheld two weeks of paychecks. Because the state court in his earlier-filed action on the same grounds had not made any ...

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WDVA: Servers state wage claim for “side work” time

Tipped employees at Macado’s stated a claim for unpaid wages related to untipped “side work” they were required to do. Rather than alleging a specific amount of time they spent on side tasks, it was sufficient to allege they spent ...

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EDVA: Willful FLSA violations merit liquidated damages, fees

An employer who admitted awareness of federal requirements but failed to keep time records was liable to its employees for unpaid overtime and unpaid lunch breaks going back three years, plus liquidated damages and attorney fees. Background Plaintiffs Catherine Riggle ...

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EDVA: FLSA plaintiffs win nearly $700,000 in fees, costs

After approving a settlement of $285,000 for the Plaintiffs’ wage claims, a federal court also awarded about 80 percent of their requested fees, noting that the Defendant fought every issue “to its last breath.” Background This is a Fair Labor ...

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