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Brothers correctly removed as co-executors of mother’s estate

The circuit court correctly removed two brothers as co-executors of their mother’s estate and replaced them with a disinterested third party. The “strife and conflict between the brothers[,]” resulting in their inability to agree on even the most trivial matters ...

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Handwritten document treated as decedent’s will

Petitioners have established by clear and convincing evidence that the decedent intended an unwitnessed  document handwritten by another but signed by the decedent to constitute her will. Background About a month before she died, Watkins, the decedent, signed a document ...

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Interpretation request did not violate terror clause

A beneficiary’s declaratory action to determine rights and duties did not violate a trust’s no-contest clause. Background Charles and Theresa Hunter had two children, Chip and Eleanor, and a granddaughter. Charles and Theresa each created trusts naming the children and ...

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