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Tag Archives: Workers’ Comp

Medical provider correctly denied reimbursement (access required)

Where a medical care provider claimed it was entitled to more compensation for treating an injured worker, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly denied the provider’s motion to compel unredacted copies of underlying contracts providing access to medical care provider ...

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Treating doctor’s ‘return to work’ opinion rejected (access required)

Where claimant’s employer required her to see a treating physician, who declared she was fit for work after suffering an employment-related injury, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly gave greater weight to a treating physician of her own choosing, who ...

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Traffic accident injuries did not arise from employment (access required)

Where the evidence showed that an employee driving to a work assignment faced no greater risk than others on the highway, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission properly concluded that his injuries and eventual death resulting from a head-on crash did ...

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Lack of agreement precludes ‘de facto’ award finding (access required)

Where there was no written agreement between employer and claimant that he suffered a compensable injury, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly refused to impute a de facto benefits award. Further, the commission correctly concluded that the evidence showed that ...

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Opinions properly weighed in coal dust disability case (access required)

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly weighed competing medical experts’ opinions to conclude that claimant, who worked for a coal company, had pneumoconiosis, which entitled him to permanent disability benefits. Overview Employer challenges the commission’s determination that claimant suffered a ...

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Workers’ comp sole remedy for mental health employee’s death (access required)

Where a client referred to a residential at-risk youth program murdered a counselor, the circuit court correctly ruled that the exclusive remedy for the counselor’s estate was a workers’ compensation claim. The circuit court properly dismissed negligence and wrongful death ...

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