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Commission needs to make express finding of when injury occurred (access required)

Although the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission concluded the claimant’s injury was compensable, it failed to identify when the injury specifically occurred, as required by the law. Because there appears to be sufficient evidence in the record to allow this finding, ...

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Woman hurt ankle, foot at work – $1,145,801 Settlement (access required)

The claimant sustained a right ankle and foot injury arising out of and in the course of her employment. The overcompensation to her right lower extremity caused her to have issues with her left lower extremities. Her medication caused dry ...

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Claimant’s fainting was not connected to work injury (access required)

Although the claimant had previously been injured at work, and then felt faint during physical therapy for that work-related injury, there was insufficient evidence to connect the man’s fainting to the injury. Background On Aug. 11, 2016, while undergoing physical ...

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Pre-existing condition can be used in evaluating impairment (access required)

Although the commission had previously concluded the employee’s right-knee injury was attributable to a compensable injury, the commission could still consider the employee’s pre-existing condition in evaluating the degree of impairment. Background On March 2, 2009, claimant injured her left ...

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Depression not causally related to workplace injury (access required)

An employee was properly denied workers’ compensation benefits where she was unable to demonstrate that her psychological and physical diagnoses were related to the injuries she suffered in a workplace accident, and she failed to sufficiently demonstrate her efforts to ...

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