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Trucker gains comp settlement of $2.5M, third largest ever – $2.5 Million Settlement (plus lien waiver of $1,666,667) (access required)

Client, 43, was involved in a significant head-on collision in July 2016 while operating a front-end loader trash truck. As a result of the accident, claimant suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken sternum, broken clavicle, broken ribs, spinal cord injury, ...

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Employee exposed to heightened assault risk entitled to benefits for injury (access required)

An employee who was blinded in an assault by a former coworker while working the overnight shift at a rest area was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, even though the assailant’s motivation for the attack was unknown, because the employee’s ...

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Second shoulder injury was consequence of original injury (access required)

Where an employee received workers’ compensation benefits for a right shoulder injury sustained in the course of her employment, she was also entitled to benefits for a left shoulder injury that was caused by overcompensation following the original injury. Background ...

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Electrocuted man settles comp claim – $1.9 Million (access required)

The claimant received severe injuries as a result of being electrocuted during the course of his employment with Truland Systems Corp. His traumatic brain injury has led to a spasticity in his lower extremities, making it difficult for the claimant ...

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Admission of safety violation forecloses recovery (access required)

An employee failed to follow his employer’s safety rule and was injured after circumventing an interlock gate that would have automatically shut down equipment in a commercial laundry. Because the employee conceded that the employer enforced the safety rule, the ...

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Football player’s pre-season wages used to calculate benefits (access required)

In awarding benefits to a Washington Redskins’ player injured during the pre-season, the commission did not err in considering the amounts he earned during his short tenure before injury, instead of the amounts he would have earned if he made ...

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