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Quadriplegic settles after years of fighting with comp carrier — $2.4 million settlement (access required)

The injured worker is a Canadian citizen who lives in British Columbia. He was a competitive professional ice skater prior to his accident. On April 2, 1990, he was working for Disney On Ice and supplemented his skating salary by ...

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Employer waived review of alternate holding (access required)

Where the Workers’ Compensation Commission ruled, in alternate holdings, that the employee’s submissions of medical bills for payment by her employer were timely under two different sections of the relevant statute and the employer only appealed one of the holdings, ...

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Disability was related to workplace accident (access required)

Where a treating physician consistently noted that claimant’s neck and shoulder strains were the result of a workplace injury, and that she had reached “maximum medical improvement,” the Workers’ Compensation Commission properly awarded claimant temporary total disability benefits. Further, the ...

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Claimant did not sustain compensable injuries (access required)

The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly determined that claimant’s complained-of injuries to his left ear, nose, face and neck were not compensable injuries. The commission also properly ruled that his post-accident seizures were unrelated to his workplace accident. Claimant filed ...

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Award agreement did not preserve shoulder claim (access required)

Claimant’s award agreement with his employer for work-related injuries did not preserve his claim of a shoulder injury. The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly ruled that he failed to reassert the claim within the statute of limitations. Background Lazo, the ...

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Claimant awarded 24/7 home care by husband (access required)

Where claimant, a registered nurse, was attacked by a patient while working for her employer, the evidence supports the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s findings that the employer did not provide adequate care following the attack. The record also supports the ...

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Virginia comp bar won’t apply to Maryland employees (access required)


The Virginia statute that blocks tort recovery against a fellow employee for on-the-job injuries doesn’t apply when those injuries were covered by Maryland, not Virginia, workers’ comp law, a circuit judge has ruled. The Nov. 13 decision by Fairfax Circuit ...

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Subsequent injuries were compensable consequences (access required)

There was credible evidence to support the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission’s determination that plaintiff’s back and neck injuries were compensable consequences of her initial shoulder, arm and wrist injuries arising from being hit in the ankle by equipment at work. ...

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