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Man lost leg, gets wages and care in settlement – $1.3 million settlement (access required)

The claimant suffered a traumatic amputation of his left leg while operating a “debarking” machine at a logging facility on Feb. 23, 2018. The claimant had been released to full duty physically but was still having post-traumatic stress disorder issues ...

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Benefits for laborer’s knee injury upheld (access required)

Where claimant’s job required him to dig with a shovel while kneeling, and he injured his knee when he stood up from the kneeling position, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly determined he was required to work in “an unusual ...

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Workers’ comp act exclusive remedy for fatal heart attack (access required)

Where plaintiff’s decedent presented at his employer’s dispensary, requested and was denied a blood pressure check, and suffered a fatal heart attack at work a few hours later, jurisdiction over plaintiff’s claim lies with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission and ...

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Failure to wear seatbelt bars benefits (access required)

Where appellant was injured while driving his employer’s truck, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly denied his claim after finding that he willfully failed to wear a seatbelt, and such failure proximately caused his injuries. Background Claimant’s job was to ...

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Record supports finding claimant could return to work (access required)

Where each of claimant’s treating physicians concluded that he could return to work, the workers’ compensation commission correctly terminated his open temporary total disability benefits award. Further, the commission correctly determined the employer was not liable for the costs of ...

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Shoulder pain not compensable consequence of prior injury (access required)

Where claimant injured his right should in a work-related incident, the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission correctly determined that appellant’s subsequent pain in his left shoulder was not a compensable consequence of his initial injury. Contradictory evidence “Claimant argues that the ...

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