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Two children killed while crossing road to school bus – $7 million settlement (access required)

These two wrongful death actions arose out of an incident on March 30, 2017, when a tractor-trailer was being operated on a two-lane road in Buckingham County. A school bus was approaching from the opposite direction. Both the school bus ...

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Man died after getting hit, wife and two adult children were survivors – $2.5 million settlement (access required)

Decedent was operating a vehicle when they were struck by another vehicle. Decedent suffered multiple injuries and later died in the hospital. Decedent left behind a wife and two adult children. The case settled at mediation for $2.5 million. [20-T-022] ...

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Nine-year-old child crushed, killed by motorized partition at school – $2 million settlement (access required)

Nine-year-old Wesley Lipicky was killed in May 2018 when he was crushed by a motorized partition in the gym at Franconia Elementary School in Fairfax County. The soundproof partition, which opens and closes, separates the gym from a “music room.” ...

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Patient wandered from facility, died – $900,000 settlement (access required)

In this assisted living elopement case, an 88-year-old resident suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease wandered out of her assisted living facility due to the negligent supervision and moni­toring of the facility staff. The resident was found dead shortly after her ...

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Baby died, mother suffered stroke during delivery – $3 million settlement (access required)

Plaintiff, an expectant mother, presented to the labor and delivery unit of a Virginia hospital with signs of fetal abruption and preeclampsia. Despite warning signs in the fetal heart monitoring strips, no action was taken to deliver the baby. After ...

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