The Virginia Medical Law Report is a bi-monthly newspaper mailed on a complimentary basis to more than 14,000 physicians and health care providers throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Virginia Medical Law Report is the only newspaper in the commonwealth covering legal issues specific to the unique concerns and interests of doctors and health care providers. The newspaper presents legal developments that may impact how doctors practice from both a risk-management and a practice-management perspective.

The newspaper’s content includes updates on the latest case decisions, verdict and settlement reports in recent medical-malpractice cases, legislative developments impacting the medical profession, columns authored by lawyers who practice healthcare law and articles highlighting legal trends across the country that may affect Virginia’s physicians.

To subscribe to the Virginia Medical Law Report, call 800-451-9998 or fill out our online form.

Back issues are available upon request. Please contact Denise Woods at [email protected] or 800-456-5297 ext. 7407.