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A record in Augusta County

A pastor who claimed negligent knee surgery forced the amputation of her right leg won a $1.75 million verdict against her doctor in a community known for conservative juries. The Dec. 15 verdict appeared to tie the largest ever tort ...

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Judge strikes doc’s noncompete pact

A popular Roanoke Valley allergist is free to practice in that community under a ruling by a circuit court judge. The judge concluded that a noncompete agreement with the doctor’s former practice group was flawed both by vague terminology and ...

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Settlements often kept under wraps

Two Virginia judges have taken different views of the value of public disclosure of lawsuit settlements for cases involving death or child victims. The extent of the public’s right to know about the handling of significant cases with potentially vulnerable ...

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Noncompete at issue after dismissal

A Salem physician claims he was terminated by his practice group after the business forced him to sign a noncompete agreement that now bars him from working anywhere near his home. Allergist Thomas Fame is asking a judge to release ...

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