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Gov. Northam pardons fetus defendant

Gov. Ralph Northam has granted an absolute pardon erasing the conviction of a Franklin County woman for discarding the remains of a stillborn fetus. The case, little noticed at first, became a lightning rod in the abortion rights debate after ...

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A five-step plan for cyber risks

Cyber attacks and costly accidental losses of sensitive personal and financial information are no longer confined to retailers such as Target and Sony or banks and investment houses such as JP Morgan. Professional service firms — accountants, lawyers, financial advisors ...

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DNR tattoos: DOA in Virginia?

By Brandy Burnette Balding A “do not resuscitate” tattoo on a Florida patient’s chest was the subject of much discussion after a November 2017 case report in the New England Journal of Medicine.1 This pa- tient’s tattoo should not be ...

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Get ready for new records fee schedule

By W. Scott Johnson In the 2016 session of the Virginia General Assembly, Del. Greg Ha­beeb, R-Salem, introduced House Bill 1130 to establish a fee schedule governing requests for patient re­cords maintained electronically and to revise the fee schedule for ...

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