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Virginia Legal Blogs

Virginia Legal Blogs

Virginia Lawyers Weekly has compiled a list legal blogs across the commonwealth, sorted by practice area or subject. This list is by no means complete. If you have a “blawg” and it’s not listed on one of the category pages below, send the name, link and a brief description to [email protected]. We want to be as complete as possible. And don’t forget to visit our own VLW Blog for breaking news, important cases, legal developments and more.


* De Novo: A Virginia Appellate Law Blog
Author: Jay O’Keeffe, Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore, Roanoke
Description: A blog covering current news and opinion analysis relating to appellate law.

* Virginia Appellate News & Analysis
Author: Steve Emmert; Sykes, Bourdon, Ahern & Levy PC; Virginia Beach
Description: Provides same-day analysis of cases handed down from the Supreme Court of Virginia and Virginia Court of Appeals.


* ITC 337 Law Blog
Thomas Fisher, Barry Herman and Eric Schweibenz; Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt; Alexandria
Description: This blog serves as a forum on matters involving intellectual property disputes before the International Trade Commission

* Money Law Blog
Author: Edward Gonzales, Edward Gonzales PC, McLean
Description: This blog covers financial distress issues involving tax and bankruptcy in Virginia, Maryland and DC

* Post Grant Blog
Authors: Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt LLP, Alexandria
Description: “A forum providing insight and commentary to the complex array of existing and proposed post grant options, observed trends, practice tips and news relating to patent reexamination, reissue or proposed opposition systems.”

* Protecting Designs
Authors: Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt LLP, Alexandria
Description: A blog on protecting and enforcing industrial design rights.

* Virginia IP Law Blog
Robert Angle, Rob Brooke, Dabney Carr and Bernard Pike, Troutman Sanders, Richmond
Description: Analysis and commentary by Troutman Sanders attorneys on developments in intellectual property law, with a focus on Virginia.

* Virginia Qui Tam Law
Author: Zachary Kitts, K&G Law Firm PLLC, Fairfax
Description: The first legal blog dedicated to the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act and Qui Tam litigation in Virginia.


* Commercial Law Blog
Authors: Authors: Jordan McKay and Ed Lowry, MichieHamlett, Charlottesville
Description: Answering commercial law questions related to Virginia law.


* Construction Law Musings
Author: Christopher G. Hill, The Law Office of Christopher G. Hill PC, Richmond
Description: Thoughts on the construction/legal landscape from a Richmond lawyer.

* Virginia Construction Law Update
Author: Brett Marston, Spencer Wiegard, and Josh Johnson of Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore, LLP in Roanoke
Description: Virginia Construction Law Update provides helpful information for stakeholders in the construction industry and for lawyers who deal with construction matters.


* CrimLaw
Author: Ken Lammers, assistant commonwealth’s attorney, Wise County
Description: Discusses Virginia criminal law, links to criminal law stories from across the country and shares personal anecdotes.

* Underdog Blog
Author: Jon Katz, Jon Katz PC in Fairfax and Arlington
Description: Criminal defense lawyer blogs on cases, persuasion, martial arts, and mindfulness — sometimes all at once.


* The Laconic Law Blog
Author: Eric Welter, The Welter Law Firm, Herndon
Description: “Pithy commentary on employment law in Virginia and beyond.”

* Virginia Disability Law Blog
Author: Sheri R. Abrams, Needham Mitnick & Pollack, PLC, Falls Church
Description: Information and Comment on Social Security Disability & other types of Disability Law.

* Virginia Non-Compete Blog
Authors: Dan Frith & Lauren Ellerman; Frith Law Firm PC; Roanoke
Description: This blog provides a forum employees fighting non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure provisions in employment agreements. It also offers information and strategies about how to escape the enforcement of illegal and invalid restrictions on one’s right to earn a living.


* Fourth Circuit Blog
Author: Federal Defenders in the 4th Circuit
Description: Case summaries and analysis from Federal Defender Offices located in the Fourth Circuit (WV, VA, MD, NC, SC).


* Family Law Blog
Author: Ron Tweel and Elizabeth Coughter, MichieHamlett, Charlottesville
Description: Our family law attorneys keep you up to date on legal news and interesting case results.


* VALLTalk
Authors: The Virginia Association of Law Librarians
Description: A compilation of articles, news, websites, other blogs, photos, etc., from the Virginia Association of Law Libriarians.


* Gavel to Gavel
Author: Bill Raftery, National Center for State Court, Williamsburg
Description: The blog tracks legislation affecting the courts in all 50 states.

* The LaFon Law Firm Legal Blog
Adam LaFon
Description: The LaFon Law Firm blog features commentary and analysis on recent legal news and opinions, Virginia Law, strange and amusing legal stories and issues, and much more.

* SW Virginia Law Blog
Author: Steve Minor; Elliott, Lawson & Minor; Bristol
Description: Covers legal news and developments from the Southwest region of the state.


* Virginia Local Government Law
Andrew McRoberts, Sands Anderson Marks & Miller, Richmond
This blog covers legal issues of Virginia’s local governments and is intended to be of interest to Virginia local government lawyers, chief administrative officers, elected and appointed officials, local government staff and citizens.


* Virginia Nursing Home Abuse Blog
Authors: Dan Frith & Lauren Ellerman; Frith Law Firm PC; Roanoke
Description: Resources, information, and discussion on topics relative to nursing home abuse litigation.


* Virginia OSHA Law News
Author: Brett Marston, Spencer Wiegard, and Josh Johnson of Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore, LLP in Roanoke
Description: Virginia OSHA Law News provides helpful information for any entities governed by OSHA regulations, for stakeholders in the construction industry, and for lawyers who deal with construction matters.


* Child Safety Blog
Bryan Slaughter, Michie Hamlett Lowry Rasmussen & Tweel, Charlottesville
Description: A Charlottesville lawyers blogs about all things regarding child safety.

* Joel Bieber’s Blog
Joel Bieber, The Joel Bieber Firm, Richmond
Description: Personal injury lawyer Joel Bieber blogs about the law, life and sports.

* Personal Injury Blog
Lee Livingston and Greg Webb, MichieHamlett, Charlottesville
Description: Expert personal injury attorneys offer insight on groundbreaking Virginia news and new legislation.


* Community Association Law Blog
William Sleeth, Elizabeth White and Lori Schweller; LeClairRyan
Description: Virginia’s most active legal blog for homeowners associations, condominium associations, and developers of planned communities.

* Virginia HOA and Business Law Blog
Authors: John Tarley Jr., Tarley Robinson PLC, Williamsburg
Description: Tarley Robinson’s blog features news updates and tips on HOA and Business Law.

* Virginia Condominium & Homeowners’ Association Law Blog
Authors: Michael Inman, Jeanne Lauer and Greg Montero; Inman & Strickler; Virginia Beach
Description: Written in question and answer format, blog entries present scenarios that could potentially arise when dealing with homeowners associations.

* Virginia Real Estate, Land Use and Construction Law Blog
Authors: Timothy R. Hughes and John Kelly; Bean, Kinney & Korman, Arlington
Description: Insight and commentary on real estate, land use and construction law in Virginia.