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Panel to review 21 applications for U.S. magistrate judge

Twenty-one people have expressed interest in being the federal magistrate judge based in Harrisonburg. The position is being vacated by the Sept. 30 retirement of B. Waugh Crigler, who has served since 1981.

The deadline for applications was Friday. Phillip C. Stone Sr., chair of an advisory panel to assist judges in the selection process, said 21 applications were received.

The 10-member panel will review the candidates over the next 45-to-60 days, Stone said, and then recommend five persons considered best qualified.

Chief U.S. District Judge Glen Conrad said the district judges of the Western District then will interview the five candidates before selecting one.

Other judges will cover the workload after Crigler’s retirement until a new magistrate judge is named, Conrad said.

The selection is for an eight-year term at a salary of $160,080, according to the court’s notice for the vacancy.

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