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Legal at the time: Another judge holds traffic stop changes not retroactive (access required)

New laws limiting police traffic stops for minor offenses should not restrict prosecution of cases that arose from stops before those laws took effect, a Virginia trial judge has ruled. In Commonwealth v. Eberhardt (VLW 021-8-129), Richmond Circuit Judge W. ...

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Exciting advances in IP theft investigations (access required)

Are you concerned your company’s intellectual property or proprietary data may have been misappropriated, lost or shared with unauthorized parties, intentionally or negligently? Typically, IP theft occurs shortly before or after an employee tenders their employment termination notice. Creating a ...

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Legal battle ahead: New vaccination rules top ‘to-do’ list for employers (access required)

Vaccinated woman in mask showing COVID-19 Vaccination Record

With deadlines looming and in spite of legal challenges sprouting like weeds, large employers are busy implementing plans to comply with the new federal regulations that address the polarizing issue of compelling workers to get vaccinated for COVID-19. On Nov. ...

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Judges balk at curbs on probation penalties (access required)

A Virginia judge says a new law that limits prison time for technical probation violations invades judicial territory under the Virginia constitution. Lawyers say at least two Northern Virginia judges are pushing back against reforms that were hailed by advocates ...

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Courthouse ‘comfort’ dogs aid witnesses (access required)

(AP) A chance encounter between a big, friendly dog and a mentally withdrawn teen who had been sexually assaulted was the light bulb moment for Powhatan County Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Cerullo, who discovered canines can have a discernible calming ...

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Royalties, fees awarded to patent owner vacated (access required)

The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has held that a patent licensee’s unpaid royalty and sublicensing fee obligations were extinguished by a release the patent holder gave in exchange for a cut of the licensee’s settlement money from litigation ...

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Family feud: Man’s lawsuit against sibling, mother survives (access required)

A man’s suit against his brother and his mother for allegedly siphoning money from a family-owned business will go forward on several counts after an Eastern District judge rejected the defendants’ motion to dismiss in part. Douglas Keil levied a ...

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Suit over denial of quarantine proceeds (access required)

An employee’s Family and Medical Leave Act interference and retaliation claims have survived his employer’s motion to dismiss. Christian Crawford, a crew chief for a fire and water cleanup and restoration company, alleged his employer refused to allow him to ...

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Plaintiff’s age discrimination case fails (access required)

A federal judge has ruled against a former executive administrative assistant who alleged age discrimination in her workplace, saying that the plaintiff’s complaint acknowledged her position was eliminated due to advances in technology. As a result, a motion for summary ...

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