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Personal Injury

Visitor to landfill alleges owner’s acts caused accident (access required)

Where a man directed by his probation officer to perform community service at a landfill was stuck and injured by a vehicle, he plausibly alleged the landfill’s owner breached a duty to provide training, warnings, supervision or signage, and that ...

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Shopper’s own inattentiveness led to slip and fall (access required)

Where video evidence showed that Walmart placed two orange warning cones in the aisle where a spill had occurred, it prevailed on the negligence claim because it provided adequate warning of a dangerous condition and the shopper’s contributory negligence was ...

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Failed real estate purchase suit proceeds (access required)

Where the defendants allegedly promised to finance the plaintiff’s purchase of real property, but never provided the promised funds, the claims for fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation and tortious interference with contract survived the motion to dismiss. Background In 2018, Potomac Auto ...

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Canadian publisher did not target Virginia with accusing articles (access required)

Where the Consortium for Independent Journalism sued Global News, a Canadian publisher, for allegedly accusing it of being part of a cyber-influence campaign directed by Russia, Global News did not target Virginia with its articles, and the fact that the ...

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No claim for ‘constructive fraud by omission’ (access required)

Where an ophthalmologist alleged defendants fraudulently guaranteed geographic exclusivity of a medical device, his suit was dismissed because there is no claim for “constructive fraud by omission” in Virginia. Fraud by omission requires that the nondisclosing party deliberately fails to ...

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