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Prior domestic violations lead to enhanced sentence (access required)

The district court did not err in sentencing the defendant to a longer term because of three prior convictions for criminal domestic violence, because those convictions categorically qualified as a “violent felony” under the Armed Career Criminal Act, or ACCA. ...

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Agency not required to release hunting documents proactively (access required)

Animal rights groups were not entitled to an injunction compelling the Fish and Wildlife Service to release proactively documents related to trophy imports of African elephants and lions under the Freedom of Information Act because the act only applies to ...

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$2.1 million recovered under avoidable transfer theory (access required)

A subcontractor that provided equipment, and received over $2.1 million in exchange, lost its attempt to keep those funds after the court agreed the money was paid as an avoidable transfer. Background Clark Construction Group LLC subcontracted work on a ...

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‘Deliberative process’ privilege rejected (access required)

In a lawsuit challenging policies governing servicemembers living with the human immunodeficiency virus, the court held the plaintiffs were entitled to the vast majority of documents withheld by the government on the basis of a “deliberative process” privilege because, among ...

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Drug conspiracy conviction survives post-trial motion (access required)

An individual’s post-trial attack on his conviction for conspiring to distribute cocaine failed when the court held the government satisfied its discovery obligations. Background In October 2015, Arnulfo Fagot-Maximo and five co-conspirators were charged in a single count indictment with ...

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U.S. can’t be sued for detention and removal of U.S. citizen (access required)

The U.S. could not be sued for the unlawful detention and removal of an El Salvadoran native who obtained derivative U.S. citizenship when his father became a naturalized citizen in 1995 because the decisions by immigration officials to investigate, detain ...

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