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Sovereign immunity denied to deputy in car crash case (access required)

Where plaintiff alleges she was injured in a chain reaction collision caused by defendant deputy’s negligence while driving to serve legal papers, defendant’s plea in bar based on sovereign immunity is denied. Defendant’s driving between locations to serve papers was ...

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Claim recognized for negligent credentialing (access required)

Where plaintiff claims a hospital negligently granted a doctor hospital privileges and “failed to properly evaluate his credentials on an ongoing basis,” the hospital’s demurer, based on plaintiff’s failure to state a valid cause of action under Virginia law is ...

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Case dismissed because commonwealth won’t prosecute (access required)

Where the commonwealth has declined to prosecute defendant for the misdemeanor offense of driving without an ignition interlock system, this court must dismiss the charge. Overview Defendant was charged in the general district court. The commonwealth declined to prosecute. Defendant ...

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Alleged defamatory statements lacked ‘sting’ (access required)

Statements contained in appellant’s disciplinary form lacked the requisite “sting” to be actionable as defamation. Further, any republication of the statements and other statements made in proceedings before the Virginia Employment Commission are absolutely privileged. Overview Appellant Shannon was the ...

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