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IP support company escapes fraud claim (access required)

Where a company that provides intellectual property support services was sued for allegedly misrepresenting what it would charge for patent renewal services, but the alleged misrepresentations were only in the parties’ written agreement, and the complaint lacked allegations about the ...

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Judgment denied to former hotel employees (access required)

Where two persons moved for summary judgment on their claims that they were unjustly and inappropriately terminated from their positions at a Martinsville hotel, but they relied only on unsupported, conclusory statements, their motion was denied. Background This dispute dates ...

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Title IX complaint isn’t basis for Title VII retaliation (access required)

Where an investigator in Liberty University’s Office of Equity & Compliance, or OEC, alleged that Liberty retaliated against her for complaining that Liberty discriminated against a male student during its Title IX investigation and for participating in an investigation about ...

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Order to change military pension election was error (access required)

Where the parties agreed that appellant could not reduce appellee’s share of his military pension by electing to receive disability pay instead of retired pay, appellant’s later election to receive disability pay and Combat-Related Special Compensation, which reduced appellee’s share, ...

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