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Superseding cause jury instruction properly given (access required)

Where the jury returned a defense verdict in this medical malpractice case, plaintiff’s motion for a new trial is denied because, among other reasons, the jury was correctly instructed on superseding cause, a defense expert’s testimony was properly admitted, and ...

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Annual insanity review statute constitutional (access required)

The statute providing for annual review of a defendant’s involuntary confinement after being found not guilty by reason of insanity satisfies due process under Foucha v. Louisiana, 504 U.S. 71 (1992). The statute requires both a showing of mental illness ...

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Nursing licensure matter remanded to board (access required)

Where this court previously dismissed an applicant’s appeal after the Virginia Board of Nursing found her ineligible for an LPN license, on reconsideration, the matter is remanded so the board can address an undecided eligibility argument that she raised in ...

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