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Bar not liable for patron’s injuries outside the building (access required)

Where plaintiff’s decedent was ejected from defendant bar and beaten outside of the building, the bar is not liable for the injuries. Background According to the allegations in plaintiff’s complaint, plaintiff’s decedent was a patron of a bar called The ...

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Prison guard’s termination for fraternizing upheld (access required)

Where the Virginia Department of Corrections discharged appellee corrections officer after determining she fraternized with a former prisoner, the circuit court incorrectly reversed the VDOC and awarded her $17,000 in attorney fees. Background Montgomery, the appellee, had worked as a ...

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Scope of experts’ testimony at condemnation trial is clarified (access required)

In a trial over damages for land taken for an easement required for construction of a natural gas pipeline, the landowners’ expert may testify about the high demand for residential subdivisions, but cannot testify about the stigma attached to pipelines, ...

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Constitutional rights of ‘Unite the Right’ were not violated (access required)

Charlottesville officials did not effectuate a “heckler’s veto” of a Unite the Right rally because plaintiffs – a rally organizer and an attendee – had no constitutional right to state protection from private parties who try to suppress speech and ...

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Failure to request accommodation dooms bias case (access required)

The City of Richmond prevailed on the failure-to-accommodate claim because merely informing a supervisor about disabilities is not sufficient to trigger an interactive process. Background Plaintiff Tyrus Yerby alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Plaintiff alleges that the ...

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