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Man hurt by improper positioning during long surgery — $950,000 settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was a 57-year-old man who was diagnosed with Gleason 6 prostate cancer.  He underwent a robotic radical prostatectomy with the da Vinci robot. During surgery, plaintiff was placed in the Trendelenburg lithotomy position, a head-down position similar to that ...

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Woman hurt when firefighter swung firetruck too wide — $200,000 verdict, plus $210,258 interest (access required)

Plaintiff, a 55-year-old woman, was stopped at a red light in the northbound left lane of 18th Street at its intersection with East Broad Street in Shockoe Bottom.  Defendant, a Richmond firefighter, was driving a firetruck heading west on East ...

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Hearse driver shatters knee when driver pulls out in front of him — $890,000 settlement (access required)

Part-time hearse driver was injured when man pulled out of a Philip Morris parking in front of him. Liability was straightforward as the defendant admitted on police body-cam footage that he pulled out into the plaintiff’s right-of-way. Defendant had $300,000 ...

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80-year-old assaulted — $350,000 settlement (access required)

This was a confidential survival case for personal injuries to an 80-year-old who was physically assaulted. Type of action: Negligence/Survival Claim Injuries alleged: Nasal fracture, facial lacerations Name of case: John Doe v. Roe Tried before: Mediation Date resolved: 05/05/2020 ...

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Passenger’s back hurt when dump truck slid into car — $300,000 settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was a passenger in an automobile collision with a loaded dump truck at an intersection controlled by a traffic light in Norfolk. It was raining at the time and the roads were wet. The defendant truck driver stated that ...

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Driver passed out due to heavy coughing, rearended woman — $200,000 settlement (access required)

Plaintiff was rearended on an Interstate 564 exit ramp as she was waiting to enter the naval base for work. She was transported from the scene by an ambulance to a local emergency room with complaints of cervical pain and ...

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