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Criminal Law

Record supports sentencing court’s conspiracy conclusion (access required)

Where defendants challenged their sentence for conspiracy to distribute and possess ice-level purity methamphetamine, it was not clearly erroneous for the district court to rely on testing results and circumstantial and direct evidence to conclude the conspiracy was centered on ...

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Poor health, high-risk pregnancy result in compassionate release (access required)

Where the defendant had served the majority of her original sentence for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, and her medical conditions combined with a high-risk pregnancy warranted a reduction in her prison term, her motion for compassionate release was granted. Background ...

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Inmates weren’t ‘in custody’ during prison interview (access required)

Even though incarcerated persons interviewed about safety following a stabbing were questioned in a separate location, isolated from the general prison population, restrained and not advised that they were free to leave, because of the totality of the circumstances, including ...

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Police had reasonable suspicion to search defendant’s car (access required)

Where the defendant, who appeared to be sleeping or unconscious in a running car that was positioned erratically in a school parking lot, began driving away when the police arrived, there was reasonable suspicion search his vehicle. Background A federal ...

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30-year sentence reduced under First Step Act to time served (access required)

Where the guidelines range for someone convicted today for the cocaine-related crimes involved here would be 262-327 months, and the defendant had already served 289 months of his 360-month sentence, his sentence was reduced to time served under the First ...

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