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Family Law

Order to change military pension election was error (access required)

Where the parties agreed that appellant could not reduce appellee’s share of his military pension by electing to receive disability pay instead of retired pay, appellant’s later election to receive disability pay and Combat-Related Special Compensation, which reduced appellee’s share, ...

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No retroactive support under temporary agreement terms (access required)

Where the parties’ temporary agreement provided wife with lump sum and monthly payments, the trial court correctly refused to order husband to pay arrearages accrued under the agreement because wife waived her right to retroactive support in a consent order. ...

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Motion to modify child support properly denied (access required)

Where father provided no admissible evidence to support his request to reduce his child support obligation, there was no error in the court’s evidentiary rulings. Mother’s motion to strike was properly granted. Documentary evidence “Father contends the court erred in ...

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State retirement system cannot designate survivor beneficiary (access required)

Where husband did not designate his wife as a survivor beneficiary on his Virginia Retirement System retirement plan despite a court order requiring him to do so, the circuit court incorrectly ordered VRS to pay survivor benefits. Under the relevant ...

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