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Russian owner of ‘stream-stripping’ websites may be subject to jurisdiction (access required)

The Russian owner of “stream-ripping” websites, which allow audio extraction from videos, should have known he could be sued in Virginia based upon the volume of visitors from Virginia and his other contacts with the United States. On remand, the ...

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Commercial painter’s lawsuit did not breach forum-selection clause (access required)

A lawsuit brought by a commercial painter for unpaid painting and cleaning services did not breach a forum-selection clause in the parties’ master services agreement, or MSA, because that clause applied only to future work. Background This breach of contract ...

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Cox can’t avoid $1 billion verdict, but can attempt to reduce award (access required)

In a copyright infringement suit brought by members of the music industry against Cox Communications, the jury’s award of $99,830 for each of the infringing works was supported by the evidence and was not unconstitutional. However, Cox will have an ...

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Seller of fake Lamborghini products must pay $6 million judgment (access required)

A man sued for allegedly marketing and selling counterfeit Lamborghini-marked merchandise failed to show he was improperly served or that default was improperly entered. Where the owners of the Lamborghini trademark and corporate affiliates sufficiently pleaded trademark and false designation ...

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UVa dorm contractor has defense to subcontractor’s claim (access required)

Although a general contractor on a dormitory project at the University of Virginia failed to respond to a subcontractor’s complaint over unpaid invoices by the due date, its motion to vacate default was granted. The general contractor had a meritorious ...

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Peanut farmers assert processors engaged in price fixing (access required)

Where a group of peanut farmers alleged that processors had a motive to depress the price of Runner peanuts, providing facts connecting issued price offers to the Runner peanut market and alleging efforts to coordinate price offers and conceal actual ...

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