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Judge refuses to recuse himself in high-profile infringement suit (access required)

Although Cisco Systems, which was sued for patent infringement, argued the trial judge should recuse himself after he discovered his spouse owned shares of Cisco and one of its competitors, the motion was denied because a reasonable person would not ...

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Cisco’s patent infringement results in award over $1.8B (access required)

A company that demonstrated that Cisco Systems infringed four of its patents covering complex computer networking security functions was awarded over $755 million in damages. Because Cisco’s infringement was willful, this amount was multiplied 2½ times, resulting in a total ...

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Naming all LLC members not needed for diversity jurisdiction (access required)

A law firm suing its former client for unpaid legal services sufficiently alleged diversity jurisdiction by alleging the LLC defendant’s members are natural persons domiciled in Tennessee. Identifying the names of the members was not necessary. Background Gentry Locke Rakes ...

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Challenge to pharma marketing plan survives dismissal bid (access required)

Efforts by pharmaceutical defendants to quickly dispose of a suit alleging they didn’t use commercially reasonable efforts to market and sell a prescription drug failed because the complaint plausibly alleged they were liable under a successor liability theory and breached ...

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Damages awarded for copyright violations of rock star photos (access required)

Where the defendant committed at least three copyright violations by failing to obtain licenses for the use of photos of Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page, the plaintiff was awarded $1,500 per violation, as allowed by statute, plus a ...

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Fraudulent billing suit goes forward (access required)

Where the government’s complaint identified the mental health provider’s fraudulent conduct, claimed the provider acted with deliberate ignorance or reckless disregard of that conduct, plausibly alleged the government would not have paid the false invoices and provided examples of false ...

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