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Failed real estate purchase suit proceeds (access required)

Where the defendants allegedly promised to finance the plaintiff’s purchase of real property, but never provided the promised funds, the claims for fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation and tortious interference with contract survived the motion to dismiss. Background In 2018, Potomac Auto ...

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Association expenses and charges properly calculated (access required)

Where plaintiff, a commercial owners association, based its assessments on the total square footage of defendant member’s property instead of the developed portion only, this was in accordance with the parties’ contract. As a result, when defendant did not fully ...

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No injunction to ensure compliance with SCV ruling (access required)

Where defendant homeowners ultimately prevailed in the Virginia Supreme Court against plaintiff homeowners association’s enforcement of a holiday lighting policy, defendants are not entitled to an injunction to ensure defendant’s compliance with the ruling. Background In a previous phase of ...

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Ferry operator breached licensing agreement (access required)

Where defendant ferry service breached a license agreement by relocating a retaining wall without the required permission from plaintiff landowner, the court awards damages and enjoins defendant’s further use of the property. However, plaintiffs’ unjust enrichment claim fails because they ...

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Demurrers sustained in real estate contract case (access required)

Defendant’s demurrer to plaintiff’s suit for specific performance of a contract involving real estate is sustained. The contract cannot be read as giving plaintiff the right to buy the property at any time. Plaintiff’s other claims against defendant are either ...

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