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‘Plainly wrong’: Court finds no conversion of classic car, tosses jury verdict

Classic Ford Mustang

A jury’s conclusion that a car repair and painting business was liable for conversion after it sold a classic car that its owner refused to pick up for months has been reversed on appeal in a matter of first impression. ...

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Appellate attorneys’ fees OK’d in case of first impression

Puzzle piece being placed

A Greene County circuit judge awarded more than $13,000 in appellate attorneys’ fees in a long-standing dispute after finding the appellees were the prevailing party in the Supreme Court of Virginia appeal. In a case of first impression, Greene County ...

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No expungement of inaccurate felony charge

A Supreme Court of Virginia majority has refused to expunge a felony charge of driving while intoxicated even though the government conceded that the man didn’t have the requisite prior felony and should only have been charged with a misdemeanor. ...

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VBA Young Lawyers Division honors pair with awards

The Virginia Bar Association Young Lawyers Division recognized a pair of young lawyers earlier this year at the VBA Annual Meeting in Williamsburg. Richmond attorney Jennifer L. Ligon received the Sandra P. Thompson Award while Ann Petros, vice president of ...

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Presenting VLW’s million-dollar jury verdicts of 2022


Virginia Lawyers Weekly compiles a feature each year that highlights the million-dollar verdicts of the prior year, usually run in late January. Typically, there are between 15-20 jury verdicts reported to us where the jury awarded $1 million or more. ...

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Deaf man’s suit over hospital’s lack of interpreter reinstated

Man communicating in sign language

A deaf man who sued a hospital after it failed to provide him with an interpreter during his wife’s childbirth had his disability discrimination lawsuit reinstated by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The Fourth Circuit reversed the decision ...

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Description dooms sale, but negligence claim dismissed

A policyholder’s claim against its title insurer for negligently performing title searches and producing inaccurate legal descriptions of the property was dismissed because the source of duty rule and the economic loss rule provide that the policyholder’s remedy was only ...

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