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Nov 29, 2023

VLW presents the Managing Partners Spotlight

Attorneys are natural leaders within their communities. But it takes a special kind of lawyer to lead other lawyers.

Wax statue of Norman Rockwell paintings self portrait on display at Madame Tussauds San Francisco
Nov 27, 2023

Presumption of ownership: Possession settles family feud over iconic illustrations

A man whose grandfather was gifted four illustrations by Norman Rockwell had superior title after he obtained possession of them following their loan to the White House by his deceased mother, the Eastern District of Virginia has held.

Man working at table
Nov 27, 2023

Court rejects paralegal’s invocation of privilege

A federal court denied in part a motion to quash filed by a man who allegedly worked as a paralegal for defendants’ counsel in a civil suit, finding that paralegals may not assert attorney-client privilege on behalf of their clients.

Candle burning
Nov 20, 2023

‘Unamendable’: Expired filing deadline bars personal injury claim

A trial judge made no error dismissing a plaintiff’s refiled personal injury action against a deceased defendant who was represented by an insurer acting in her name, the Court of Appeals of Virginia ruled.

House foreclosure sale sign marked sold
Nov 20, 2023

Writ of possession wrongly granted

A circuit court improperly granted a writ of possession to the U.S. Secretary of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs despite the defaulted borrower’s challenge to valid title based on her allegations of constructive fraud, the Court of Appeals of Virginia has held.

Virginia's Go To Lawyers for Medical Malpractice
Nov 20, 2023

‘Go To Lawyers’ for medical malpractice announced

Virginia Lawyers Weekly is pleased to announce the “Go To Lawyers” for medical malpractice, for both plaintiffs’ and defense side.

Pills being removed from bottle
Nov 20, 2023

Reasonable defense warranted withdrawal of child neglect plea

A circuit court improperly refused to allow a mother to withdraw her no contest plea to felony child neglect after her prior counsel failed to inform her that lack of intent was a reasonable affirmative defense, the Court of Appeals of Virginia held.

Mail marked as final notice
Nov 13, 2023

Lienor entitled to unclaimed surplus of judicial sale

A lienor was entitled to the surplus proceeds of a judicial sale once the city’s delinquent tax lien was satisfied and no other creditors made timely claims, the Supreme Court of Virginia has held, reversing a trial court’s decision.

Ships at port
Nov 13, 2023

Court trims damages in subcontractor’s suit

A federal court has partially granted a Norfolk contractor’s motion to dismiss after a subcontractor sought to recover additional monies related to COVID-19 and delay-related expenses.

Highlighted dictionary definition of unenforceable
Nov 13, 2023

Unenforceable restraint a plea of general issue

An unenforceable restraint plea in bar against a misappropriation of trade secrets lawsuit was a “forbidden plea of the general issue” because it attacked a fact the plaintiff would be required to prove at trial, rather than a special plea, a Fairfax County Circuit Court judge has held.

Sand filtering through hourglass
Nov 6, 2023

Expired: COVID-19 tolling period only applies after action accrued

A plaintiff whose cause of action accrued during the COVID-19 judicial emergency in 2020 is only entitled to the tolling period after the cause of action accrued, the Fairfax County Circuit Court found in a case of first impression.

Severely damaged building interior
Nov 6, 2023

Challenge to validity of mechanic’s lien waived

A restoration company’s recorded mechanic’s lien was valid and enforceable after the Norfolk Circuit Court found the homeowner had waived her ability to challenge whether the asserted sums due predated the 150-day statutory limitations period.

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