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Jury found decedent’s 2012 holographic will to be invalid – Verdict for Plaintiffs (access required)

Plaintiffs alleged that a self-proving will dated Oct. 7, 2004, was the last true will and testament of the decedent. That will divided the decedent’s estate fairly equally between her three children, Carroll Mauck (defendant) and Roxie Lutz and Bobbie ...

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Treatment of colon impaction led to perforation, plaintiff claims – Defense Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff, a female in her mid-fifties with a family history of cancer, was referred for colon cancer screening/ colonoscopy in July 2003. The procedure was terminated for fear of perforation. Barium enema was then recommended and performed the following day ...

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Father entitled to pay child support with equity in marital home – $25,200 Verdict (access required)

In this case, the parties entered into a written agreement in 2007 that the father would deed to the mother the former marital home in exchange for $300 per month credit towards his child support obligation for seven years, for ...

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Courts struggle with which parent should pay for private school in divorce (access required)

The Virginia Court of Appeals offered guidelines 16 years ago for judges on when a spouse can be forced to pay for a child to attend private school. But battles over tuition bills have continued in Virginia divorce courts. When ...

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Suit claiming surgery too soon after medication fails – Defense Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff was scheduled to undergo percutaneous nephrostomy (PCN) by the defendant, an interventional radiologist. The purpose of the PCN was to provide plaintiff’s urologist access to the left kidney for calculus removal. Plaintiff had a significant past medical history, including ...

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Employment – Public Employee – Wrongful Discharge – Bowman (access required)

A Warren County fraud investigator for a local services department can sue her employer for wrongful discharge under a Bowman exception to the employment-at-will doctrine, based on allegations that her employer prevented her investigation of fraud cases and her cooperation ...

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