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Disclosure ordered for employees’ petition

Where plaintiff seeks documents from defendant municipality under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, an employee petition to the personnel committee to discuss complaints and concerns about the town manager is not exempt from disclosure. Background Hawkins sought mandamus relief ...

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Requester exhausted remedies before filing suit 

Where a plaintiff’s initial complaint challenging the government’s response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act was filed more than 20 business days after the request was made, the administrative remedies were exhausted. Background Ayyakkanu Manivannan filed a complaint ...

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In camera review doesn’t back deliberate process claim

Although the Council on Environmental Quality, or CEQ, claimed the production of dozens of unredacted documents would chill speech, stifle “frank and open discussions” and confuse the public, an in camera review did not support these assertions. Background Southern Environmental ...

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Late release of database system information violated VFOIA

Where plaintiff reporter sought information concerning a database system from defendant corrections department, the request was “reasonably specific.” Defendant’s late response violated the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. Overview Plaintiff Harki wrote a series of articles for the Virginian-Pilot about ...

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Litigant not entitled to unredacted legal invoices from city

While a doctor involved in litigation with the City of Virginia Beach was not entitled to entries in the city’s legal invoices that would reveal confidential information, litigation strategy, work product or legal advice, the court found the city withheld ...

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